What Dive Shops Offer Beyond Lessons and Equipment

May 25, 2013
What Dive Shops Offer Beyond Lessons and Equipment

Dive shops are more than simply specialized shops that sell or rent diving equipment. A good dive shop can be source for information on best diving locations in the area, the latest equipment available and scheduled dive trips. They also offer value added services such as repairing and maintenance of dive equipment. Some dive shops offer scuba lessons and advanced dive training. If you are looking for a dive shop that provides beginner open water diver course or advanced courses, check out the certifications first and talk to other divers you know. If a dive shop does not have an instructor or you wish to hire your own personal dive instructor, you can contact dive shops in your area to see if they allow hire instructors to teach at their facility. Most good dive shops have trained personnel working that are certified trainers, dive masters, dive instructors that have years of experience themselves. The basic function of the dive shop includes activities like training divers, filling gas cylinders, annual checks for the equipment and repairs. Even more they are a source for you to find the latest dive gear, dive equipment include wet and dry suits, dive masks, regulators, BCDs, dive computers, underwater cameras and housings, and other gear you may need to dive.

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