Top 15 Scuba Diving Liveaboards and Dive Destinations Worldwide

Aug 26, 2013
Top 15 Scuba Diving Liveaboards and Dive Destinations Worldwide

For those adventurous travelers looking for the best in liveaboards that the diving lifestyle has to offer, they need look no further. A list of the fifteen best scuba diving liveaboards on the planet have been compiled in order to act as a guide to show what options are available for those looking for the most unique experience. Liveaboards represent the height of exotic diving and picking the best liveaboards available is sure to give you an experience you will never forget.

The Top fifteen liveaboards in the world are centralized in a few basic geographical areas including Asia, Oceania, Africa, and Central America.

The top entry on the list is the Nai’a, a vessel that harbors in Fiji, which promises state of the art facilities that skew the perception that liveaboards trade comfort for visiting hard to reach locales.

The next entry on the list, the Emperor Elite, is a vessel that hails from the Red Sea area of Egypt and holds a place as the highest quality vessel in her line boasting a maximum capacity of twenty-four people.

Australia contains the home harbor of the third entry in the list with the vessel Spirit of Freedom that provides unparalleled experiences on the Great Barrier Reef.

The next entry, and the first entry on the list from Central America, the Belize Aggressor, provides discerning divers with excursions to the seaside nation’s top diving attractions of The Blue Hole as well as Lighthouse Reef.

The next two entries on the list, the MV Febrina and the MV Golden Dawn, are both vessels servicing Papua New Guinea where both vessels are designed to host a maximum of eight to twelve divers.

The Humboldt Explorer, a ship that services the Galapagos Islands, is number seven on the list with a liveaboard that allows divers to explore the best diving available around the various islands made famous by the animal life observations of Charles Darwin, often considered the father of evolution.

Maldives boasts the eighth, tenth, and twelfth entries on the list with the yachts Carpe Vita, MV Orion, and MV Theia which guarantee all you could ask for in a liveaboard by providing chances to swim with sharks, view underwater topography, and take in the other plants and animals Maldives has to offer.

Palau promises luxury and access to all day diving with the Ocean Hunter III, a vessel that prides itself on its unique design, attributing this to the fact that the ship was designed by divers.

The Papua New Guinean string of islands known as Raja Ampat Indonesia’ west New Guinea province, hosts some of the final contenders on the list with the Black Manta, the Dewi Nusantara, as well as the Mermaid I all providing unique experiences for those looking for adventure on scuba diving liveaboards.

The final entry in the list is the MV Sea Hunter, a vessel from Costa Rica’s Cocos Islands, which promises facilities specifically designed for the discerning underwater photographer or videographer in mind.

Here is the list of the Top 15 Liveaboards and Top Dive Destinations in the World

  1. NAI’A – Fiji
  2. Emperor Elite – Egypt Red Sea
  3. Spirit of Freedom – Australia
  4. Belize Aggressor III – Belize
  5. MV FeBrina – Papua New Guinea
  6. MV Golden Dawn – Papua New Guinea
  7. Humboldt Explorer – Galapagos
  8. Carpe Vita – Maldives
  9. Ocean Hunter III – Palau Micronesia
  10. MV Orion – Maldives
  11. Black Manta – Raja Ampat
  12. MV Theia – Maldives
  13. Dewi Nusantara – Raja Ampat
  14. MV Mermaid I – Raja Ampat
  15. MV Sea Hunter – Costa Rica

Whichever of the exceptional liveaboards you decide upon, you can be sure that you will find all the scuba diving liveaboard indulgence you could possibly desire just waiting for you to book passage for your next diving vacation.

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