Scuba Lessons Theory and Online Course Costs

May 31, 2013
Scuba Lessons Theory and Online Course Costs

Following enrolling in an online scuba lessons course, you are able to learn easier due to the videos, graphics, audio, and interactive reading presentations. Brief tests and quizzes allow you to measure the progress you are making, providing an evaluation and opportunity to catch anything you might have missed. The on-line scuba lessons course takes roughly fifteen hours to finish. Because you can take the course online from the comfort of home, this allows you to move at your personal pace. The best thing is that the cost for the online course is only about $140 depending on state, country, or region where you reside or take your course.   Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Documenting the Online Diving Course
  • If you sign-up for the online course through your local dive center or resort, they are notified once you complete the course.
  • You print out your online results, present to the dive center and are then ready to participate in the practical portion of scuba lessons.
  • The in-water diving skills is part of the practical portion of the diving course and you will be in the hands of a trained PADI Instructor to complete your scuba lessons.
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