Review of Top Two Underwater Video Cameras on the Market Today

May 29, 2013
Review of Top Two Underwater Video Cameras on the Market Today

The top two underwater video cameras are the Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon Rebel T4i. They are both very high-end DSLR cameras with exceptional video functionality that meets the highest resolution quality that can be displayed on a standard television screen. Additionally, both of them have higher data rates than other competitor camera manufacturers on the market which equates to clearer motion shots. The thing that sets the Canon 5D Mark III apart from other cameras in its class is its wide angle since it comes with a special fisheye lens. These cameras are also the top still-frame cameras available for underwater use. In fact, nearly all modern underwater video cameras are digital cameras that come with special waterproof housings that allow them to be taken underwater. While some cameras are made waterproof, their depths are generally restricted to around forty-five feet. Fortunately, the best cameras on the market are the ones most widely modeled for aftermarket underwater housings which are rated for depths in excess of two hundred feet.

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