Liveaboards vs. Land Based Resort Diving – Amenities, What’s Included?

Jun 3, 2013
Liveaboards vs. Land Based Resort Diving – Amenities, What’s Included?

When trying to decide whether to book a liveaboard or land based resort for diving, the first thing that should be considered is amenities, what’s included. The single greatest amenity in regard to resort diving is the people you will meet. People come from every corner of the globe to vacation at resort dive centers and can provide an experience in global diversity unlike any other place on Earth. Resort dive spots also tend to have a wider array of luxury facilities and activities that can add to your vacation rather than just your dive experience. Liveaboards, on the other hand, will provide you with the opportunity to visit exotic dive spots well off the beaten path and will provide experiences that are sure to be unique. While they tend to have luxury facilities on the ship, most of what is available is there to enrich the actual diving experience on your vacation. When deciding between the two, it is often a choice between what percentage of your vacation you would prefer to spend diving.

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