Liveaboards and How They Make for a Memorable and Great Dive Vacation

Jun 24, 2013
Liveaboards and How They Make for a Memorable and Great Dive Vacation

Liveaboards are boats with living quarters that provide access to exotic, often remote, diving locations. They are equipped with a variety of equipment and features that complement the activity of scuba diving including areas for gear storage, platforms for debarkation, and extra recreational amenities that vary by fleet and boat. Liveaboard charters generally include living quarters, dining facilities (meals, snacks, drinks inclusive), air, tanks, cylinder refills, dive guides, dive master, and other perks. The benefit of this type of diving vacation is that it allows travel to locations that could not be reached in daytime excursions from a beachside resort. Some of the most popular fleets that can be enlisted for this type of diving trip include the Aggressor fleet servicing many dive destinations, Mike Ball’s Spoilsport servicing Australia and Galapagos Sky servicing Ecuador for those with higher budgets and Emperor Elite of the Emperor fleet, servicing The Red Sea. Whatever option best fits your needs, you can be sure that a liveaboard will provide an experience like no other that will give you access to areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

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