How to Choose the Best Dive Shop in your Area to Take Dive Lessons or Purchase Scuba Gear

May 31, 2013
How to Choose the Best Dive Shop in your Area to Take Dive Lessons or Purchase Scuba Gear

Ask your diver friends or friends of friends for referrals to a local dive shop. Look for people with actual dive experiences and ask them what they liked and disliked the most about a particular dive shop if you are thinking of taking scuba lessons at a local dive shop.

  • If you are looking for dive equipment and latest dive gear you can look online first, get a list of prices together and then personally visit a couple of local dive shops to review the gear in person. Once you do this, you really should buy from the local dive shop to support your community unless the price difference is ridiculous. Keep in mind it is nice to see what you are buying in person, and if the price is much higher talk to them about the pricing.
  • If you find a local dive shop online, review and read their ‘about us’ section and read up on the qualifications of the instructors employed by the dive shop and the dive shop owner.
  • When you visit the dive shop location, see how you are treated. A good dive shop should motivate you to start courses if you want to learn how to dive! The ambiance, customer service, vibe of employees around and the overall feel that the dive shop provides should help you decide. As a non-diver, this experience should be over whelming! The employees should provide friendly customer service, a warm welcome into the world of scuba, while giving you all the necessary knowledge needed for you to make a decision to participate in this awesome sport.
  • Try to meet and talk to one of the instructors and find out if the dive shop provides a trial or a demo class so you can actually give it a shot before making up your mind.
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