How to Achieve Scuba Certification – 5 Important Things You Need to Know

May 31, 2013
How to Achieve Scuba Certification – 5 Important Things You Need to Know

Scuba diving is one of the unique extreme sports that can offer up self-confidence to the meek, humility to the over confident, lessons of effort and initiative to the withdrawn and philosophy of nature to all. Getting a scuba certification and the proper training by certified dive instructors can be one of the most exciting things you will experience in your life! The scuba certification process encompasses steps that should be followed with no short cuts.

  • You must meet the age requirement (at least 12 years). For the younger set, junior diving is offered at some dive centers.
  • Be healthy mentally and physically fit if you are going to dive. Scuba requires energy, stamina, and ability to ‘keep your cool’ underwater. A proper consultation with a doctor should be done prior to registration.
  • Check with diver friends or online reviews for best dive center to take lessons and get your scuba certification. Your local dive store may be your best source, but get referrals.
  • Learning before you go on a dive vacation is the best idea so that you don’t waste valuable vacation days learning and can spend them diving instead, if you live near a dive center.
  • Check out the cost of scuba lessons package and confirm with dive center what you will receive in the way of training before registering, including if your C-card is part of the package or at an additional cost.
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