Diving With Sharks – Courageous Adventure in Motion

Jun 24, 2013
Diving With Sharks – Courageous Adventure in Motion

Diving with sharks can provide an exciting look into the habits of some of the world’s most feared creatures. Shark Diving adventures and diving with sharks trips are often separated according to the types of sharks and the dangers they present. Great white sharks represent the greatest risk while tiger sharks and bull sharks represent a slightly diminished risk. Migratory sharks like the nurse shark and filter feeding sharks like whale sharks represent a very diminished or nonexistent risk, though it can be intimidating to swim up next to such a large creature (whale shark) of the deep. The level of danger often dictates whether the dive will occur in a protective cage or in an unrestricted dive. Locations for shark diving abound with some of the very best being the Bahamas for shark feeding dives, Isla Guadalupe, Mexico for great white diving, The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador for hammerheads; Perth in Australia and Isla Holbox, Mexico for whale sharks, and Roatan, Honduras which boasts a shark dive with the elusive sixgill shark. Shark diving allows you to tailor your vacation with level of risk and there is something for anyone that loves watching these great predators. All you need to do is pick a location and make your reservations.

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