Best Underwater Camera Brands for Divers

May 25, 2013
Best Underwater Camera Brands for Divers

If you are trying to find the best underwater camera brands for divers, there are important considerations. First, a DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex camera is ideal since it allows for specialized lenses needed for the best picture. There are digital options but they are generally restricted by both shutter lag as well as dive depth so are not ideal. The camera should also have a low sync speed and high resolution. The best underwater camera for divers is the Nikon D800 with thirty-six Megapixel resolution and a 1/320th second sync speed. The Canon 5k comes in second with a resolution of just over twenty-two Megapixels and a sync speed of 1/200th but with added wide screen functionality. The third and final camera in this list is the D7000, also from Nikon that boasts a resolution of sixteen megapixels and 1/320th sync speed similar to the higher end model. All the camera models also have video functionality and are ideal for shooting with the special light considerations that come with underwater photography.

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