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I would like to personally welcome you to Kick’n Scuba where we plan on becoming the authority on everything Scuba.

This site is one of five specialized sites we have created under our Alpha Sun & Sport umbrella and where our slogan and unifying theme is Dream It… Live It… Preserve It!!!  Our goal is to encourage people of all ages and from everywhere to set Dreams and then get out there and Kick it.  After preserving these new memories, the goal is for all to Share with others about what they have experienced.

Although I have been fortunate to live many of my dreams, there was a time where I stopped dreaming and found myself not too long ago with no more direction.  This brought me back to my old ways and my old books and I wanted to make sure no one else finds themselves in this position.

At Alpha Sun & Sport and through our special sites and products,  we want to make the world a better place and to help people alter their future in all positive ways possible all while providing easy ways for them to also preserve their memories of great times lived.  We do this because there are no real means for people to set dreams and then manage their memorable and magical moments.

This said we would also like to share our Alpha definition with you:

Anthropology says that Alpha people are the ones that like to wear the crowns, have the colorful plumage and like to stand out. We on the other hand prefer to say it this way:

A person having a Living Alpha Spirit or Personality is one who exhibits self-assurance, physical and emotional strength, self-control, independence of thought, grit and a laser like focus on achieving ones goals. A person that is Living Alpha does not fear to try new things and to risk themselves. Living Alpha, however; also means having a caring and long term view of the world.

An Alpha is one who encourages and helps others. A true Alpha person is quiet, invisible and always there for friends and family. They do not always shine the light on themselves and often prefer to recognize the achievement of others. Alphas are skilled in building personal connections and they are great team players.

This is what we believe is Living Alpha and is the official Alpha Sun & Sport definition.

We also like to say that “At the right time and under the right sun, there is a little alpha in each of us”.

Please join us in making this site a success and a place where all people, from beginners, to advanced, can come and dream about their next scuba adventure.

I encourage you all to reach out to me with any suggestions at TellMe@KicknScuba.com .

Dream Often and Dream Big… Now That’s Kick’n It!


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